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History of The Kildare Lodge

The building has been altered somewhat since the original design. The restaurant area was originally an open inner court and the inner dividing windows looking onto the dining area would have originally provided outside light for the inside corridor.

The current side lounge, ( now one of our function rooms) which is located opposite  the restaurant, was initially a Consulting room for Dr Gordon Henry with a door opening directly through from the current short entrance corridor. To the left there would have been a door through to a waiting room. The layout was an attempt to combine the professional and private life of a doctor in one building.

The Kildare Lodge was designed in 1907 by Barry Parker, following the style of the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. It is a grade 2* listed building, and, as you will see when you visit us, very unusual in design. It was originally designed for Dr Gordon Henry and the layout was an attempt to combine the professional and private life of a doctor in one building


The main door to the building, on the North side, was deliberately placed away from the kitchen so that the kitchen staff would not answer the door.


The dining room was where the new bar is now located.

The current bar seating area would have formed a general living room, with the lovely ingle fireplace.

To the right of the fireplace is a window deliberately placed to provide views of North Hill. To avoid having to bring the line of the house forward to obtain this view an outside seat recess was created. This gave the correct angle to the window to give the desired view.


The original plans show a butler's pantry and bedrooms for the cook, maids, groom and governess.

To the rear of the building was a coach house and stables. The rear stable courtyard is now the rear car park.


Have a look at the original plan of the building shown below, then come along and look at the real thing. Why not enjoy a drink or a meal while you do so!

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